We’ve all heard the stories. Maybe we’ve even heard yours. You design your display to work in a particular a physical structure in the exhibit hall that invades your area. Could be steps, a pillar or a corner. Whatever the obstruction, you have to build your booth around it.

We recently worked with a client that faced that same challenge. Their existing booth structure was designed to fit into a unique space on the show floor, which just happened to include a concrete column right in the center of it. No big deal they thought, we’ll just design around it. But the next year, when the client had the chance to move to a new space, there was hesitation because if they used their existing booth structure, there would be a void in the area left for the building column.

new-areaBecause they didn’t want to buy a new display, they decided to simply live with the hole in the center of their booth. We couldn’t let them do that. Show space is expensive and not utilizing the entire space is just bad business.

RW Exhibits to the rescue!

We worked with the client to develop a new plan for their exhibit that required only minor changes to the structure and, more importantly, at minimal cost. Those changes created a new display area that enhanced their overall experience at the show.

But before getting their approval to make the changes, we had to help the client to understand exactly what we had in mind.

To explain exactly what we wanted to do, we created a quick video walkthrough of the existing booth setup in the RW Exhibits shop and then used that video to show them what we were thinking of changing. That visual presentation of the proposed booth layout helped them to visualize our concept and led them to say “go for it!” They said loved the new idea and confessed it was an approach that they couldn’t have envisioned on their own. They didn’t think it was possible to make a change like this to their display without incurring the price of a new exhibit.

Just a simple video with a cell phone made their exhibit experience so much more.

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