“Hands-On” Makes the Most Successful Booth

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Tactile…touchable…that’s what visitors will be looking for at your show booth! Prospective customers want to touch and handle the products, or at least see them in action.

Product Displays 

Arrange your booth modules to draw in visitors and allow them to handle the products.

  • Interactive displays, such as iPad kiosks, will engage prospects, and your sales staff will have an easy entre to begin a discussion. Examples.
  • If you cannot physically fit the product in your booth, use video clips on giant screens to show the products in action. Examples.


Your staff on the show floor has more influence over prospects’ perception than all your expensive advertising or publicity…they can make or break your show success! Training for trade shows is one of the first cuts with tight budgets, but the cost of poor performance destroys your Trade Show ROI. Hold a pre-show training session two weeks in advance plus a quick refresher right before exhibits open.

  • How will your staff engage the visitor?
  • What is their “Ten-Second Commercial” to introduce the company and products?
  • How will they demonstrate products in the booth? Check their knowledge of key features & benefits.
  • What marketing materials will they use? Make sure they are familiar with the contents.
  • To whom will staff refer technical questions?
  • How will they collect leads and/or orders? What is the follow-up procedure?

Set-up & Dismantling  

Hands-on, personal attention is important here, too. Installation & Dismantling (I&D) services free you from worries about hooking up video screens, locating extension cords and “How does this fit together?” or “Why won’t this go back in the crate?” so you can focus on meeting with customers and making sales. Our pros know how to install and dismantle quickly and efficiently, and because we work with show contractors daily, know how to get you the best service at the lowest cost.

Exhibit Management 

RW Exhibits can relieve the worry and pressure by managing your exhibits…from design and fabrication to storage to at-show services, plus logistics and shipping. Our customers say that RW Exhibits’ trusted staff members deliver superior quality and flawless service, for optimal trade show success.

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