How to draw crowds by using floor space more creatively

How to draw crowds by using floor space more creatively

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Show floors can be a distracting array of light and sound. So how can your booth break through the clutter?

It might seem like adding flashy lights and sounds to your booth is the answer, but show goers could get annoyed and your floor space and budget may not allow for this.

Instead, focus on getting creative with how you utilize the space itself.

First, don’t be afraid to play with negative space. Yes, floor space is expensive so you might be tempted to fill every square inch with tables, banners, and displays. But if your booth is too crowded or confusing, it could deter visitors from walking over.

Giving show goers more room to walk through your booth lets them see your products or services up close. It also goes against what many other exhibitors do, helping your booth stand out. Just be sure what you do have is well-branded and your booth attendants are engaging visitors.

Creative trade show booth
If space is limited, look to phones and tablets for showcasing your company’s product offerings. They have a small footprint and can show more information than a static display many times larger.

Showing pictures and videos of previous work, scrolling through testimonials from satisfied customers, even offering games and virtual reality experiences are all options these devices allow for. Plus, their interactive nature creates a more engaging and memorable experience.

Similarly, video walls and monitors can cycle through vast amounts of eye-catching content while being seen by more people and at greater distance to draw in visitors.

Finally, consider shaking up the look of your booth by using shapes and three dimensional displays. Don’t limit yourself to plain old squares and rectangles. Instead, find a fun shape that mirrors your logo. Link multiple shapes together in a cohesive design. Or create an immersive experience with three dimensional displays.

Custom 3-D displays are an impressive way of drawing attention while using space efficiently to showcase your products, images, samples, and branding.

There are many ways to creatively use floor space for your booth. Just remember to keep your audience in mind. What appeals to your target audience and what message do you want to convey to potential new customers? With a little inspiration, anything is possible.

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