Exhibit Fabrication

Our carpenters have well over 100 years of combined carpentry experience. We concentrate on fabrication techniques that ease assembly, lengthen the life of exhibit properties and create lighter yet more durable exhibits. We have the ability to fabricate your exhibit from a variety of materials that appropriately reflect your image.

We also have cost-effective CNC resources. CNC routing is a highly-efficient, automated method of producing multiple pieces with exacting precision. Any radius, any angle, signs, 3-D letters and graphics, it’s all possible.

Installation and Dismantling

Due to our convenient proximity to Chicago and Milwaukee, we will provide turnkey I&D services in both cities. Our I&D partners across the country are held accountable to the same high-expectations we have for ourselves. Each has significant strength and influence in their select cities.

Storage and Handling

We have a secure, climate-controlled warehouse facility for complete management of your exhibit properties. We also store graphics in a separate library to assure organization and protection. We are committed to completing inbound inspections at regular rates. This allows you time to review and approve refurbishments and avoid rush charges that are common with an outbound inspection process. It’s just smart business for everyone.

Show Services

We are accountable for the details of show services. We provide a comprehensive show services estimate to you prior to every show and we will order all services prior to deadlines to guarantee you the best rates.

Logistics Management

Our freight partners provide our clients with unsurpassed service and smooth, seamless transitions, from the minute properties leave our dock to the opening of the show and back again. We have various shipping options to guarantee an economical price and the most appropriate and safe transportation.

Exhibit Design

A distinctive feature of RW Exhibits is that we maintain a network of independent exhibit designers. This keeps ideas and designs fresh and assures that your style is unique. We work directly with them to ensure that your exhibit marketing objectives are satisfied.

Graphic Production

We have the capability to provide backlit and reflective inkjet graphics, rollable portable display graphics and precision-cut custom vinyl graphics.

Additionally, we have a designated graphics library area. When exhibit properties return from a show, the graphics are separated and moved to the library. Each graphic is cataloged and stored in a specific holding bin designated for each client. Once a physical inventory is complete, you will receive a graphics condition report if needed.